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Unreal Train Sequence

The train sequence is an idea I had to have a long continuous shot run through a train then out the doors to a different environment.

The whole shot took about 9 hours of work, from concept to blocking the level, creating any assets that the packs were lacking, a bit of programming and of course the sound design and editing.


I created a dynamic train scaling system using Unreals blueprints. This allowed me to set a camera speed in the blocking phase then simply adjust the train length to reach the end point of the camera.

trackGif 01.gif

Not that it was really needed for this project as the tracks were mainly just straight but I also created a track generation system using splines.

Since the generation method is splines it makes it easy to attach the train blueprint to the spline and animate the train along the spline

They can get fairly heavy with larger track segments so I added a feature to disable generation, you can then adjust the splines then regenerate.


Cold Creek Demo (Old Cabin)

"Cold Creek" is a video game concept. I did much of the modelling and gameplay programming systems.

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