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Garbage Run

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Garbage Run is an arcade-style reflex game. You play as a garbage man on the back of a truck collecting the cities garbage. 

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This image (right) shows what the final version looks like. Of course it didn't start this way.

Gameplay of final Garbage Run version

These are images of the first version given to playtesters. In this version, the player was merely a rectangle riding on the back of another rectangle. 


The newest feature in this version was the hardhat powerup. Upon picking it up it automatically equips and allows the player to take one hit from a hazard. Although in this version playtesters were saying picking up the hard hat wasn't consistent. 

There were a few small iterations before this point but this version (v4) is the most significant leap forward. 


Playtesters were pleased to see they were no longer rectangles riding on the back of a rectangle and the houses even had colour now. Additionally, the menu had a few more options and the hard hat bug was fixed along with a few other minor bugs.

Not a whole lot changed from v4 to how it landed in Google Play. The main difference being some optimizations I performed so the game could hold 60 frames per second while playing. A lot the optimizations were simply packaging settings in Unreal Engine.


But something I thought of myself to limit the size and increase performance was to switch every model to be using the same material. I generated an image with a bunch of squares of colours on it then moved the UV faces to the correct colour. Everything in Garbage Run is using the same texture and material. 

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